Automated attacks evolve rapidly. Most defenses can’t keep up.

Kasada’s unmatched understanding of the human minds behind the bots results in protection that’s quick to evolve, difficult to evade, and invisible to customers.

Traditional bot management is broken

With traditional
tools, you get:

With Kasada, attacks on your revenue, customers, and brand are defeated seamlessly–saving you time, resources, and money.

The Kasada Way:

Protect your customers and your revenue


Daily savings in chargeback fees by stopping carding attacks


Increase in online conversions by eliminating checkout CAPTCHA


Monthly reduction in account verification and SMS costs

We eliminate threats at the intersection of

We eliminate threats at the intersection of tech & people




Transcend bot management with invisible defenses that adapt to frustrate attackers — not your customers. Nothing for you to manage. Enduring protection that actually lasts.

The mouse, not the trap

Adversaries don’t just use automation – they learn to bypass detection. Kasada studies their methods, mindsets, and motivations to build resilient defenses. Kasada anticipates and deters future attacks.

Detect more, do less

Use your resources to grow your business, instead of defending it. Kasada’s invisible client and ML/AI defenses protect websites, mobile apps, and APIs – without need for CAPTCHA.

Our team, our difference

We’re obsessed with fighting bots. Experts in adversarial mindsets. Determined to craft the best solution for each customer and hold ourselves accountable. It’s a radically collaborative and caring relationship.

We battle the bots so
you can grow your business

Black and green dollar sign icon
More revenue

Improve conversions and drive your business with analytical insights. Eliminate the fake user traffic that has been increasing your latency and downtime.

Blue and black suitcase icon
Lower ops costs

Offload your time and resources spent fighting bots. Customers have seen millions saved in infrastructure, chargebacks, fraud, and overhead.

Black and orange person icon with heart
Better customer experiences

Earn loyalty through increased app responsiveness and seamless UX. Kasada eliminates CAPTCHAs that easily fool humans, but not attackers.

Black and yellow rocket ship icon
Boosted brand equity

Reputation is the heart of your business. Protect it by putting your users first. Customers become fans. Business partners trust their engagements with you. You make the news for the right reasons.

Brands make the switch to Kasada — and stay

of our current customers previously worked with a bot management vendor that didn’t work for them.

“From the moment we switched on the platform, there was immediate feedback on the number of page requests that were bot-driven. And I can tell you Kasada neutralized them from the very first page-load request. This has enabled us to provide a secure customer experience without the added friction normally found in other solutions.”

Phil Hawkins

CEO, flybuys

“At Hyatt we care deeply about what we’re delivering to our guests. It’s at the core of our purpose. That positive experience has to start from the very first contact, and for most people, Hyatt’s digital platforms are the first touchpoint. Companies that pride themselves on customer experience have to be looking for the best technical solutions on the market — and that is what we found in Kasada.”

Benjamin Weiss

Director, Product Management, In-Stay Portfolio and World of Hyatt App, Hyatt


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