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Cyber Security Weekly Interview

Interview with Kasada founder and CEO, Sam Crowther, based in Chicago USA about how the company will leverage a new capital injection to accelerate its engineering, research & development, and go-to-market expansion.

Kasada, a leading Australian cyber security startup, underwent a $6.5 million capital raise with support from the CSIRO-backed venture firm Main Sequence Ventures and the Westpac-backed Reinventure Group.

Kasada Polyform detects and mitigates malicious web traffic that other security measures are unable to identify. Kasada’s web security service protects websites and web applications in real-time from user account takeovers, fraud, data-scraping and other attacks that significantly disrupt user experience of websites. Kasada Polyform also reduces bot-related network bandwidth and computing infrastructure costs, and improves the effectiveness of digital marketing. The demand for better web security continues to accelerate because of the increasing volume and sophistication of criminal activity.

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