An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief

Kasada offers a unique class of bot-countering security that doesn’t simply mitigate risk. Their Polyform tool may also offer a cost and revenue benefit, especially for customers in highly competitive, web application-based business scenarios.

We know that most hackers today are rather lazy, looking to make easy money by employing bots — automated routines, often downloaded from the dark web — to scan websites and apps for vulnerabilities, poke at domains, spoof users, and carry out exploits to exfiltrate data and interfere with operations.

As much as 75% of a leading site’s traffic can consist of bots, if you add in various forms of marketing and competitive site-scraping for IP, content, data, and things like price comparisons. With sub-second execution times and nearly free costs to run these scripts, there’s little to disincent a horde of bot-runners.

Polyform sits just in front of a site’s application server or CDN to recognize the signature of incoming bot requests on contact, giving each a little proof-of-work ‘puzzle’ to solve before allowing them to continue, perhaps to a destination of the security team’s choice. Sneaky.

Simply adding just a few seconds of delay and computational work makes a site too costly and difficult to bother attacking. The cloud compute and network cost of a brute force login, DDoS attack or constant data scrape would be downright prohibitive.

The real value to the enterprise here is not just in deflecting the bot-burden of infrastructure and cloud costs, but in the application availability and performance boost realized by legitimate customers.

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