Company’s Solution Recognized for Simplifying Bot Mitigation with a Unique, Ruleless Approach

NEW YORK, NY — March 31, 2021Kasada, provider of the most effective and easiest way to defend against advanced persistent bot attacks, today announced that it has been named a Trust Award finalist in the Web Application Solution category for the 2021 SC Awards. Finalists are recognized for outstanding products and solutions impacting the cybersecurity industry. Winners will be announced online during SC Media’s Awards Week beginning Monday, May 3, 2021.

Kasada provides a modern, long-lasting anti-bot solution that stops attacks by preventing them from entering an organization’s infrastructure in the first place – and does so without reliance on rules, heuristics, or risk scoring. By adhering to a zero-trust philosophy, Kasada detects and stops malicious automation from the very first request, before any damage can be done. Because of this, as bots and tactics evolve, Kasada is able to successfully detect them in real-time.

“This recognition from SC Media is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team to deliver an industry-changing approach to the problem of bot attacks. Traditional approaches are outdated in their architecture and were not solving the problem optimally,” said Sam Crowther, founder and CEO of Kasada. “By combining a zero trust approach with tactics to prevent attackers from retooling, we give companies an easy way to finally solve their current and future bot problems.”

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