Automated Threats Are A Moving Target

Anatomy of an NFT drop

NFTs are the latest target for scalper bots. With a market cap exceeding$14 billion, they’re a prime opportunity to buy and resell for a massive profit. Kasada researchers have determined bots are >50x more utilized for NFT drops than sneaker drops.

The Community

A highly motivated, intelligent, and collaborative bot building community share their scripts and bypasses online. Highly specialized and AIO (all in one) bots used to buy hype sneakers and other in-demand items are actively being repurposed for NFTs.

The Details

Bots hide behind residential proxy networks and leverage highly customized open-source automation DevTools to evade detection. During a 90-second timespan, bots rotated through 20,000 unique IP addresses with different user agent headers to blend in with human traffic.

The Drop

Bots scan for availability and automate purchases causing massive traffic spikes up to 100x. For this ultra-rare NFT, the limited inventory was gone within 90-seconds. 30% of all sessions were using bots. For comparison, on average, 0.5% of sessions during hype sneaker drops are bots.

The Impact

66% of the NFTs were available for resale at a 20x markup within a week for a massive profit. Marketplaces without a modern anti-bot mitigation solution incur the enormous cost to process automated traffic, while those customers not using bots feel cheated and seek alternative places to purchase their NFTs.