How Do Bots Bypass CAPTCHAs

How Bots Bypass CAPTCHAs infographic

1) Motivation to Bypass Defenses

The fraudster needs to get around CAPTCHA defenses quickly to successfully log in or check out at scale.

2) CAPTCHA Presented

A site attempts to identify and block bots using various human visual/audio challenges.

3) API Call To AIO Service

The bot operator uses an All-In-One (AIO) solver service that integrates with 3rd-party platforms designed to bypass various bot defenses including CAPTCHAs.

A) Human Solvers

Real people are paid staggeringly low prices in CAPTCHA Farms to manually solve CAPTCHAs.

B) Auto Solvers

An algorithm and machine learning are used to solve the CAPTCHA.

C) Audio Solvers

Uses google voice to successfully solve the CAPTCHA.

4) Bot Mimics Human Behavior

The bot submits authorized tokens generated by the solver, successfully impersonating a human and bypassing the challenge.

5) CAPTCHA Fails

The fraudster bypassed defenses and is now free to hoard inventory, take over existing accounts, or create new fake accounts.