Democratization of Sneaker Bots

Democratization of Sneaker Bots

Sneaker bots, available in many forms and prices, are especially difficult to detect and stop. Sneaker bots hide behind residential proxy networks and motivated bot builders are highly incentivized to bypass defenses in order to get what they want.

1. Monitor Sneaker Bots

Scans websites and searches for any information to determine when items will be dropped. Set an alert and feed info from these scanners into other sneaker bots such as AIO sneaker bots.

2. Chrome Extensions

A gateway into sneaker bots. Easy to install and easy to use. Sometimes free. Limited in-terms of the number of websites you can access and the inventory you’ll be able to cop.

3. Specialized Sneaker Bots

Optimized to score a specific type of sneakers, these sneaker bots actively update their methods to deal with an ever-evolving website and anti-bot detection methods.

4. AIO Sneaker Bots

Designed for “all-in-one”, these sneaker bots work across many websites and bulk checkouts. They bypass CAPTCHAs, login checks and can use Discord to inform of successful checkouts.

5. Open Source Sneaker Bots

DIY by leveraging the collective knowledge of open-source. With an abundance of GitHub repos, scripts, stealth plugins and proxy networks – there’s sneaker bots for that to leverage.

6. Sneaker Bots As a Service

Why purchase sneaker bots when you can rent one? Sit back in your Cook Group, wait for a drop, and create tasks for items you want. Or better yet, automate the entire process.