Webinars & Videos

Webinars & Videos

  • Lessons from the School of Security Hard Knocks

    Sam Crowther discusses what helped him most on his journey of founding Kasada.

  • JavaScript Deobfuscation and Reverse Engineering

    See the important role strong obfuscation plays in stopping reverse engineering attempts.

  • How Bot Builders Reverse Engineer APIs

    DevTools are being exploited to launch attacks against mobile apps and APIs.

  • Mysecurity Marketplace: Kasada’s New V2 Platform

    Sam Crowther joins Mysecurity Marketplace to detail the new Kasada V2 platform.

  • Secure Ventures

    Hear Sam Crowther's experience creating Kasada and leading the organization as its CEO.

  • Beating Cybercriminals at their Own Game

    Level the playing field against bot operators by using their approach against them.

  • The Get it Done Podcast

    Kasada's Founder and its CMO talk about importance of getting a message out in a creative and simple way

  • Building and Automating Puppeteer Scripts

    Puppeteer makes it easier than ever for threat actors to launch attacks.

  • The Business Impact of Malicious Automation

    Kasada Founder discusses how bots not only pose a security problem, but a business concern as well.

  • Fighting Malicious Automation with Automation

    Learn how to stop fraudsters from using bots to scale their attacks.

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