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Stop automated attacks before it’s too late.

Bot security made simple.
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Protection from automated attacks.

Kasada Polyform stops advanced attacks such as
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Denial of Service

Multiple bots overload the website servers, locking out customers.

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Content Scraping

Bots take content from you website for use in other applications.

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Account Takeover

Bots test identities stolen from compromised databases.

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The Kasada Polyform Solution

Enhance your website security.
Bot Visibility

Bot Visibility

We make it easy to see bot traffic on your website and APIs.

Our solution is easy to use. You quickly see what’s coming to your site – good bots, bad bots and human traffic.

Just as quickly you get the data to make decisions about your web security.

Existing web application security solutions fail to deliver this.

Bot Mitigation

Polyform blocks bad bot traffic without impeding good bots or user experience.

Our platform distinguishes bad bots from good bots, like search engines.

Why existing defences don’t work:

  • Traditional web-security cannot detect and block bots that perform actions like registration.
  • CAPTCHA negatively impact users and can by bypassed with automated services.
Bot Visibility
Bot Visibility

Easy Integration

Other web security solutions can be difficult to integrate with applications. Polyform turns this on its head.

Ease of integration and ease of use define Polyform.

It’s cloud hosted, scalable to the largest environment, and 24/7 monitored.

All you need do is add your domain and update your DNS record. From that point, you get bot visibility and defence.

Stop automated attacks today

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