Why do adversaries target the energy and utility industry?

The energy and utility sector is a prime target for automated attacks as it can be used to wreak havoc in both physical and digital form.

Examples of automated attacks:

  • Attackers can target websites and applications in order to steal customer data, perform card washing, extort money or take over user accounts.
  • Automated bots can scrape confidential information from company websites, potentially leading to legal and reputational damage.
  • Bad actors harvest customer data with bots that mimic legitimate user behavior.
  • Application vulnerabilities are exploited through automated scans to infiltrate your customer data and other sensitive systems.

What are the business impacts of automated threats on energy and utility companies?

  • Automated attacks can cause significant disruption to energy and utility companies, resulting in outages and financial losses.
  • The cost of a successful attack can be high, ranging from stolen customer data to the disruption of critical infrastructure.
  • Energy and utility companies are also at risk of reputational damage if customer data is stolen or malicious activity is detected.


At the peak of an automated attack on an energy company, the attack was costing $900 per second.

How does Kasada defeat these threats?

Traditional bot management tools have to allow threats to infiltrate your site before they determine if, indeed, they’re a threat. By then, it’s too late — the damage is done. Also, solver APIs are easy to use and affordable for adversaries to work around static bot mitigation defenses that don’t change ongoingly.

An energy organization was experiencing a week-long card washing automated attack that their incumbent solution was unable to detect or stop, costing them hundreds of thousands of dollars. The CISO sought an alternative solution. With Kasada, the company was able to:

  • End all card washing attacks across digital applications with Kasada.
  • Save hundreds of thousands of monthly in infrastructure costs and fake login requests.
  • Gain actionable insights from accurate analytics to better understand their customers.

"We were about to commence a POC with Kasada when we got hit hard by a large-scale automated attack. Slotting the technology in under an actual security incident and putting it through its paces proved what Kasada could do right out of the box. Instead of chasing after constantly morphing bots and scrapers, with Kasada we are able to use the crypto piece to smash that infrastructure—just blow them up. Essentially, we now have a deterrent control that inflicts a whole lot of pain on the bot and scrapers’ backend and on their costs. They move on to an easier target.”

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