Case Studies

Case studies

  • True Alliance Mitigates Online Retail Bot Threats and Improves Website Uptime by 99% with Kasada and AWS

    See how this retailer and distributor of iconic brands stopped automated threats and bot attacks that were impacting business revenue, increasing its site uptime and conversion rate.

  • How Kasada Counters Toll Fraud and Fake Account Creation for Enterprises

    Amidst surging fake account creation and messaging charges from SMS toll fraud, two industry giants chose Kasada to protect their customers and profit margins.

  • Crocs Enhances Customer Journey and Safeguards Revenue Growth with Kasada

    Bots are used to purchase and resell valuable products — sneakers, clothing, electronics, and more — along with many forms of account and checkout fraud.

  • REA Group Defends Digital Assets From Bots

    REA Group grew their business by improving visibility into automated traffic.

  • Global Footwear Brand Grew Flash Sale Traffic by 100X

    A global footwear brand fought automated fraud with Kasada and increased flash sale traffic.

  • How PointsBet Improved Digital Experiences

    By stopping bot traffic, PointBet improved website responsiveness and user experiences.

  • Optimizing Customer Experiences for Flybuys

    Australia’s most popular loyalty program stopped login fraud and account takeover attacks.

  • How Hyatt Improved Purpose of Care With Kasada

    After implementing Kasada, Hyatt saw better traffic, an improved bottomline, and cleaner metrics.

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