Case Studies

Case studies

  • Crocs enhances customer journey and safeguards revenue growth with Kasada

    Bots are used to purchase and resell valuable products — sneakers, clothing, electronics, and more — along with many forms of account and checkout fraud.

  • REA Group Defends Digital Assets From Bots

    REA Group grew their business by improving visibility into automated traffic.

  • Global Footwear Brand Grew Flash Sale Traffic by 100X

    A global footwear brand fought automated fraud with Kasada and increased flash sale traffic.

  • How PointsBet Improved Digital Experiences

    By stopping bot traffic, PointBet improved website responsiveness and user experiences.

  • Optimizing Customer Experiences for Flybuys

    Australia’s most popular loyalty program stopped login fraud and account takeover attacks.

  • How Hyatt Improved Purpose of Care With Kasada

    After implementing Kasada, Hyatt saw better traffic, an improved bottomline, and cleaner metrics.

  • Controlling Synthetic Traffic for True Alliance

    This leading distributor of iconic brands controlled sythetic traffic and improved conversions by 60%.

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