Data Sheets & Reports

Data Sheets & Reports

  • Prevent Account Takeover

    See how Kasada stops bots from taking over accounts by blocking credential stuffing.

  • Protecting Enterprise APIs

    See how Kasada defends your organization's APIs from automated threats.

  • Stop Fake Account Creation

    See how Kasada stops attackers from creating fake accounts and conducting fake account fraud.

  • Protecting Retail & eCommerce

    Retailers and eCommerce providers face threats from login to checkout.

  • Kasada Solution Brief

    See how Kasada defends some of the largest brands against automated threats.

  • 2022 Holiday Bad Bot Report

    See where and how adversaries were launching automated attacks during 2022 holiday sales.

  • 2022 State of Bot Mitigation

    See how organizations are performing against automated threats in 2022.

  • The ROI of Stopping Bot Attacks

    Better bot mitigation can maximize a business’s ROI and more.

  • Bot Management Checklist

    The 10 must-have capabilities for stopping sophisticated automated threats.

  • Hidden Risks Behind APIs

    See why securing your APIs should be an organizational priority.

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