How do adversaries take advantage of media, entertainment and gaming platforms?

Attackers are motivated to exploit the very thing that makes your business unique or profitable. In the media and gaming space that could mean anything from getting ahead in their favorite game, taking over an account to provide unauthorized access to premium content, or falsely boosting content creators. Adversaries will exploit every feature and function of your online business they can, shifting their methods and tactics quickly to avoid being caught. Here’s how they do it — and how they fool traditional bot management tools.

Bots influence many areas of a user’s experience - spanning from login to the online communities they participate in/with. Here’s how each area can be taken advantage of by automated attacks.

  • At login, attackers use techniques like credential stuffing to take over accounts or create fake accounts. Adversaries will either hijack personal information or payment data from the accounts or sell the accounts on illegal marketplaces.
  • Motivated individuals build bots to collect data on your users through scraping. Data is used for advertising, market research, or uncovering individuals susceptible to fraud schemes.
  • Adversaries take advantage of the platform and use bots to spread and boost certain messages at scale using fake accounts (hate speech, harassment, spam, disinformation, etc.).
  • Bots fraudulently boost accounts, users, or ads in the form of clicks, views, ratings, or likes for a fee.


On average, over 40% of all login attempts are fake but can spike to more than 99%.

Where will you see the effects of automated threats in media and gaming?

You’ll notice the ripple effects start to spread across your business — from your users, to your IT infrastructure, and your bottom line. More specifically:

  • Your revenue will be impacted as unauthorized users gain access to premium content through illegal channels.
  • Users will be bothered by slower site and app performance and uncomfortable in spaces they feel are unsafe — they’ll be less likely to continue to use your platform.
  • Your infrastructure and account creation and validation costs will skyrocket while your servers are strained.
  • The power of your dollars and data will diminish. Bots will skew data, website analytics, performance metrics, and leach money from you in the form of ad/click fraud or streaming fraud.

The greatest danger, though? The mounting toll these problems have on your brand and the lasting impression it has on your users.

How does Kasada defeat media and gaming threats?

Traditional bot management tools have to allow threats to infiltrate your site before they determine if, indeed, they’re a threat. By then, it’s too late — the damage is done.

Kasada, meanwhile, assumes all requests are guilty until proven innocent, and uses telemetry data, threat intelligence, and behavioral data to accurately detect malicious automation before it enters your site. Plus, Kasada remains effective over time with dynamic defenses that add resilience against adversarial retooling.

Our results speak volumes:

  • An entertainment company suffered from extensive fake account creation and false logins that were used to commit streaming fraud and spread harmful messages. Kasada was able to remove fake accounts, stop fraudulently boosted streamer revenue, and prevent false ad clicks, saving the company millions of dollars monthly.
  • A leading online bookmaker, PointsBet, experienced significant bot traffic at their login endpoint. With Kasada’s help, PointsBet was able to create a seamless login and sign-up experience that reduced their risk for online fraud and increased new customer sign-ups.

“The entire team was so amazed; we had never seen such fast, immediate ROI on a security tool. In just under 30 minutes, we set-up, turned on, and stopped the attack. It was an out-of-the-box experience with instant results. Kasada is a partner that has overdelivered.”

Nikita Pinchuk
VP Global Engineering, PointsBet

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