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Journal of Cyber Policy
How To Protect Your APIs From Bot Attacks
When left unprotected, APIs make it easy for attackers to commit fraud with speed and at scale.
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Enterprise Security Tech
Brad LaPorte, Kasada: Bad Bots, Malicious Automated Tools, AI in 2021
Bad bots, malicious automated tools, and evil AI now make-up 25% of the internet. Next year it will double.
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Solutions Review
2021 Predictions: The Year of Malicious Automation by Brad LaPorte
Chief Evangelist Brad LaPorte shares his 2021 predictions at the First Annual Cybersecurity Insight Jam.
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Forbes | Bad Bots
The Social Impact Of Bad Bots And What To Do About Them
Automation in the wrong hands is a malignant force directly influencing our politics, our culture, the geopolitical power balance in the world.
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SC Magazine Former Australian Prime Minister
SC Magazine
Former Australian PM and cyber advocate Turnbull on the advantage of tech sovereignty
Serving from 2015 to 2018, Malcolm Turnbull developed a cybersecurity strategy that, even today, is described as “world leading” for its time.
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Enterprise Security Tech | Bot Security
Enterprise Security Tech
Sam Crowther, Founder of Kasada: The Rising Threat of Botnets and How to Protect Against Them
If left unprotected, an organization’s most sensitive API endpoints can be quickly exploited by attackers, giving them a direct path into the organization.
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Morning Tick Kasada Launches Proprietary API
Morning Tick
Kasada launches proprietary API service for protection against botnet attacks
Kasada API will protect web and mobile APIs from rampant botnet attacks and threats of cyber fraud.
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Bot Management | Bot Security
Credential stuffing: When DDoS isn’t DDoS
Ten years ago, credential stuffing attacks posed a comparatively minor threat, but with an escalating number of data breaches, the threat posed has now increased.
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Business Insider | Kasada Bot Management
Business Insider
Not every bump in the night is a cyberthreat’ against the elections, say experts, who fear disinformation more than nation-state hackers
Disinformation pushed by bot operators is insidious and is done at a scale that can quickly sway social opinion.
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Security Magazine 2020 Election Bots
Security Magazine
Election 2020: The devastating social impact of bad bots
Disinformation on social media continues to make headlines as a means to sway public opinion and to discourage people from voting. It is time for social media companies to seize control and deplatform bad bots.
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Enterprise Security Tech | Bot Security
Enterprise Security Tech
IPStorm Botnet Moves From Windows To More OS Platforms
Botnets are becoming one of the most dangerous attack tools for hackers across the world.
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Australian Financial Review
Start-up money continues with new $75m fund
Local venture capital outfit Our Innovation Fund has closed the first tranche of capital for its second fund, banking $60 million from a mix of high net worth investors, family offices and founders of its portfolio companies.
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Defence Connect OpEd | Bot Management
Defence Connect
Op-Ed: Sustaining sovereign innovation for Australia’s cyber-physical interests
In the week that Prime Minister Scott Morrison sounded the alarm on Australia continuing to be a target for malicious cyber activity, one of the success stories of Australia’s local cyber security industry, Kasada, announced two major milestones.
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Australian Financial Review | Bot Management
Australian Financial Review
Industry doubts over cyber defence cash splash
Members of Australia’s cyber security sector have reacted with a combination of cautious optimism and scepticism as the government laid out details of a $1.35 billion cash splash on new measures
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Sydney Morning Herald
Cyber security funding splash needs to cover more ground, industry says
Cyber security startups are hoping that the government’s $1.3 billion boost is directed towards helping Australian businesses develop herd immunity from…
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Global Legal Chronicle
Kasada’s A$15 Million Series B Capital Raise
Herbert Smith Freehills advised Kasada on its A$15 million Series B capital raise.
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Australian cyber startup raises US$10 million to power US growth as former Prime Minister joins board
Australian cyber security company, Kasada, has raised US$10 million enabling it to expand global operations. Following the successful ‘Series B’ funding.
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Recent cyber attacks reveal opportunities for ASX investors
Since Friday’s news of cyber attacks on Australia, a number of ASX-listed cybersecurity companies have seen huge volumes of shares traded as the market recognising the growth potential in cyber security.
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RN Drive
Former PM Malcolm Turnbull on cyber security, Robodebt and branch stacking
Kasada board member and former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull speaks with Patricia Karvelas amid increased attacks on government agencies, businesses and institutions.
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Former Aussie PM Malcolm Turnbull joins Kasada board
Turnbull’s investment company also joins funding round for Kasada as key solution dedicated to safeguarding the web from cyberattacks.
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CRN Australia
Aussie security vendor Kasada scores investment from Malcolm Turnbull
Australian web security software vendor Kasada has appointed former Australian prime minister Malcolm Turnbull to its board of directors.
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Australian Financial Review
CIA turns to Kasada as bot attacks spike
Venture capital funds associated with the CIA and KKR have invested in an Australian cyber start-up to help it grow in the US.
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Venture Beat
Kasada raises $10 million to fight content scraping and other cyberthreats
Kasada, which provides a platform that protects enterprise web apps from cyberthreats, has raised $10 million in venture capital.
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Smart Company
Aussie cybersecurity startup Kasada raises $14 million amid COVID-19 online crime spike
Aussie cybersecurity startup Kasada has raised US$10 million ($14.4 million) in Series B funding as COVID-19 causes a spike in online crime.
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Insurance Business Security | Australian Cyber Solution Firms
Insurance Business
Australian cyber solution firms take centre stage at US conference
Kasada joins follow Australian and Zealand innovators on stage at the Australia House Event hosted by AustCyber.
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IT News REA Kasada Customer | Bot Security
IT News
REA Group mutates site scraping, credential-stuffing defences
REA Group has ramped up its defences against site scrapers and account takeover fraudsters, using technology from Australian security start-up Kasada.
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HelpNetSecurity | Enterprise Security
Help Net Security
Business security in the age of malicious bots
As most technologies, bots can be used for good and bad purposes, and the information security industry is doing its best to minimize the adverse effects of the latter activities.
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ZDNet Kasada | Bot Management
86% of Australia’s top websites can’t detect bot attacks: Research
Automated credential stuffing attacks give the bad guys a great return on investment, according to security firm Kasada, but most organisations can’t spot them.
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TechCrunch | CAPTCHA
Tech Crunch
Bots are cheap and effective. One startup trolls them into going away
Bots are ruining the internet. When they’re not pummeling a website with usernames and passwords from a long list of stolen credentials, they’re scraping the price of hotels or train tickets and odds from betting sites to get the best data.
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Smart Company 30 Under 30 Sam Crowther
Smart Company
Smart 30 Under 30 2018
This year’s SmartCompany Smart 30 Under 30 list celebrates young Australian entrepreneurs who are changing the very notion of what it means to build successful businesses in Australia today.
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