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  • I purchased a luxury vacation to Aruba for only $151.73 – thanks to credential stuffing

    Travel accounts are attractive targets for fraudsters. Once access is gained, they can easily book vacations, transfer points, or sell accounts on the dark web.

  • Why CAPTCHAs Are Not the Future of Bot Detection

    I’m not a robot” tests are definitely getting harder. But does that mean more complex CAPTCHAs are the right path forward to outsmart advancing AI and adversarial technologies?

  • AI Data Poisoning: How Misleading Data Is Evading Cybersecurity Protections

    Discover why AI data poisoning is an emerging threat and how fake data is used to evade AI cybersecurity protections.

  • Defending AI Apps Against Abuse: A Real-World Case Study

    Gain insights on defending your AI apps from abuse based on our real-world experiences helping customers combat emerging adversarial threats.

  • Building Strong Defences: The Intricacies of Effective Bot Mitigation – Part 1

    Learn how you can assess a bot mitigation provider's ability to detect and stop bots in our new technical blog series.

  • How Scalpers Scored Thousands of Fred again.. Tickets

    See how scalpers and sneakerbots, typically used for limited-edition releases, exploited ticket sales for Fred again..'s latest tour announcement in Australia.

  • Meet the Female Engineers Behind Kasada’s Mobile Bot Defense

    Liz Mills and Mira Kim are two trailblazing women at Kasada shaping cybersecurity. Discover their journey into tech, impactful projects, and sage advice for aspiring engineers.

  • Credential Stuffing: Who Owns the Risk?

    With the escalating threat of credential stuffing and account takeover attacks, defenders need to understand the early warning signs and create holistic plans to safeguard against these evolving security challenges.

  • Europcar: Behind the Fake Data Breach

    See how cybercriminals faked customer data in this alleged data breach, which underscores the growing challenge of distinguishing fact from fiction online.

  • Are Bots Behind the Apple Vision Pro Pre-Order Sell Out?

    Kasada has observed scalpers using bots to successfully pre-order thousands of the Apple Vision Pro 256GB.

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