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  • Credential Stuffing: Who Owns the Risk?

    With the escalating threat of credential stuffing and account takeover attacks, defenders need to understand the early warning signs and create holistic plans to safeguard against these evolving security challenges.

  • Europcar: Behind the Fake Data Breach

    See how cybercriminals faked customer data in this alleged data breach, which underscores the growing challenge of distinguishing fact from fiction online.

  • Are Bots Behind the Apple Vision Pro Pre-Order Sell Out?

    Kasada has observed scalpers using bots to successfully pre-order thousands of the Apple Vision Pro 256GB.

  • Joining My 5th Bot Mitigation Company – Why Kasada

    Industry veteran, Arif Husain, joined Kasada as a Technical Director of Security Solutions after realizing Kasada was solving the bot problem in a "particularly exceptional way."

  • The New Mandate for Bot Detection – Ensuring Data Authenticity

    Can the data collected by an anti-bot system be trusted? Kasada's latest platform enhancements include securing the authenticity of web traffic data.

  • 2023 Cyber Five Holiday Bot Activity

    Uncover intriguing insights into the bad bot activity during and leading up to Cyber Week holiday sales, including Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

  • Launching KasadaIQ – A New Attack Prediction Service

    KasadaIQ was born from the desire to share our bot intelligence to predict and prevent online fraud for any company - even if they are not a customer of Kasada.

  • Unveiling Kasada’s Employee Value Proposition (EVP)

    Through the process of creating our EVP statement, we uncovered what truly makes Kasada a unique and rewarding place to work.

  • 5 Bot-Driven Threats to Watch Leading Up to 2023 Holiday Sales

    As the holiday season approaches, brace yourselves for a sleigh-full of automated threats as shown by historical data.

  • Are Bots Behind the Booming iPhone 15 Pre-Orders?

    Kasada has observed adversaries using various bots to successfully place thousands of iPhone 15 pre-orders, including the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

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