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  • Unveiling Kasada’s Employee Value Proposition (EVP)

    Through the process of creating our EVP statement, we uncovered what truly makes Kasada a unique and rewarding place to work.

  • 5 Bot-Driven Threats to Watch Leading Up to 2023 Holiday Sales

    As the holiday season approaches, brace yourselves for a sleigh-full of automated threats as shown by historical data.

  • Are Bots Behind the Booming iPhone 15 Pre-Orders?

    Kasada has observed adversaries using various bots to successfully place thousands of iPhone 15 pre-orders, including the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Case Studies

  • Crocs enhances customer journey and safeguards revenue growth with Kasada

    Bots are used to purchase and resell valuable products — sneakers, clothing, electronics, and more — along with many forms of account and checkout fraud.

  • REA Group Defends Digital Assets From Bots

    REA Group grew their business by improving visibility into automated traffic.

  • Global Footwear Brand Grew Flash Sale Traffic by 100X

    A global footwear brand fought automated fraud with Kasada and increased flash sale traffic.

In the News

  • Kasada Introduces New Suite of Attack Prediction Services: KasadaIQ

    KasadaIQ for Fraud enables enterprises to predict and prevent account takeover and online fraud before it happens.

  • Kasada Named 2023 Hot Company in Bot Management

    Recognized for disrupting the bot management industry and innovating to help enterprises mitigate cyber risk.

  • 2023 State of Bot Mitigation Report: 96% of Businesses Lost Revenue to Malicious Bot Attacks

    Despite spending millions of dollars on bot management, a single bot attack costs 38% of companies $500,000 or more.

Data Sheets & Reports

  • Q3 2023 Threat Intelligence Report

    Kasada's Threat Intelligence team provides overview of themes within the bot ecosystem from July through September 2023.

  • The 2023 State of Bot Mitigation

    Check out the findings from the 2023 State of Bot Mitigation Report.

  • Prevent Account Takeover

    See how Kasada stops bots from taking over accounts by blocking credential stuffing.


  • How Adversaries Use Dev Tools to Launch Attacks

    See how adversaries are abusing Open Source Dev Tools to launch automated attacks.

  • Automated Threats From Login to Checkout

    Adversaries attack retailers throughout every stage in a customer's purchase journey.

  • Anatomy of an Automated Attack

    See how adversaries perform automated attacks and what's in it for them.

Webinars & Videos

  • The Convergence of AI & Fraud: A New Era of Cyber Threats

    See the methods and techniques bad actors use to leverage AI and bots to their advantage.

  • Cybersecurity Concerns of AI Platforms – Sam Crowther, Kasada

    Kasada Founder shares how adversaries are exploiting ChatGPT’s API, allowing them to easily commit fraud at scale.

  • 5 Automated Fraud Trends You’ll See in 2023

    See how bots are driving an increase in fraudulent activity.

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