NEW YORK — January 20, 2022Kasada, provider of the most effective and easiest way to defend against advanced bot attacks, today announced that it has been awarded a 2021 Internet Telephony Cybersecurity Excellence Award by TMC.

Kasada was recognized by TMC for its modern approach to bot mitigation, which provides both immediate and long-lasting protection. Unlike other bot mitigation solutions, Kasada halts malicious automation in real-time, before attackers are allowed to enter an organization’s infrastructure. Kasada is the first to apply a zero trust philosophy to detecting bad bots, assuming all requests are guilty until proven innocent. The company doesn’t rely on configuring rules, assigning risk scores, or the use of CAPTCHAs to prevent attacks, even those never seen before.

“We’re thrilled to be named one of the inaugural winners of TMC’s Cybersecurity Excellence Awards,” said Sam Crowther, Founder and CEO of Kasada. “At Kasada, our team is dedicated to ensuring that customers can finally put an end to the bots and malicious automation attacking their businesses and frustrating consumers. As bots get better and better at disguising themselves as human, a modern anti-bot approach that recognizes this is necessary. That’s exactly what we provide.”

Kasada uses client side detection combined with machine learning (ML) to continually adapt to new approaches and attacks, staying a step ahead of the bot operators who are constantly evolving the tactics they use against websites, mobile apps and APIs. The platform foils automated threats such as credential abuse or data scraping, invisibly stopping bot attacks while frustrating and striking back at attackers, destroying their ROI.

“Congratulations to Kasada for being honored with an Internet Telephony Cybersecurity Excellence Award. Kasada has demonstrated outstanding quality and delivered exceptional, measurable, tangible results for its users,” stated Rich Tehrani, CEO, TMC.

The first annual Cybersecurity Excellence Award highlights not only the technologies used, but the best practices used to implement security. The full list of winners is available here.

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About Kasada

Kasada is the most effective and easiest way to defend against advanced persistent bot attacks across web, mobile, and API channels. With Kasada, trust in the Internet is restored by foiling even the stealthiest cyber threats, from credential abuse to data scraping. The solution invisibly stops automated threats while inflicting financial damage to attackers, destroying their ROI. With the ability to onboard in minutes, Kasada ensures immediate and long-lasting protection while empowering enterprises with optimal online activity. Kasada is based in New York and Sydney, with offices in Melbourne, San Francisco, and London. For more information, please visit and follow on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

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