Conventional web application security (WAF) relies on complex HTTP request analysis and the over-provision of expensive bandwidth. Content Delivery Network (CDN) and cloud WAF providers have built vast edge networks promising protection against volumetric and application attacks. This protection comes at a significant cost, yet the sophisticated attackers leverage automation to avoid detection.

Kasada takes a different approach to meeting the challenge of malicious automation. Our platform makes it uneconomical for attackers to target our customers’ applications, and it also transforms the economics of defending websites. Rather than relying on the over-provision of an expensive resource (bandwidth), we use proof of work to leverage a free resource, the attacker’s CPU. Inflicting CPU starvation on attackers is an extremely effective and cost-efficient alternative to the complexity of the static status quo.

Cut the complexity

Simplicity is a core differentiating principle at Kasada. Our service is deployed as a highly available, automatically scaling and fault-tolerant cluster of reverse proxies, hosted in large global cloud vendors. Deployment only takes a few minutes, with no impact on your existing code base, infrastructure or CDN services.

The service works out of the box, automatically refusing access to the attacker’s tool. Customers will experience an instantaneous, clearly visible reduction in malicious traffic. Kasada makes the bad traffic stop.

Kasada is packaged as a simple, consumption-based subscription service. We deliver a compelling ROI. You only pay for what you use, and our service will immediately lower your expensive infrastructure costs.

Traditional methods of securing web applications are both technically and organizationally challenging. Using Kasada to remove malicious automation achieves a significant security outcome with a single, one-time decision.

Bring in the specialists

Kasada services are designed to easily integrate into your existing application delivery infrastructure. For customers that leverage CDNs to enhance the delivery of static content, our system simply acts as an alternate origin for the parts of your application that need protection. If your applications are directly exposed to the internet, the Kasada platform can act as an intelligent edge-protection layer.

Kasada’s added value

Attackers using automation routinely evade static detection practices.  Our service complements and extends legacy WAF services because we detect and prevents all forms of malicious automation. Pairing Kasada with your WAF allows you to disrupt the methodologies used by assailants to identify and attack vulnerabilities in your applications.

Get flexibility not restraint

Kasada’s flexibility is a key by-product of our prioritization of simplification. Customers can BYO their CDN or deploy a multi-CDN strategy, without compromising their security coverage.

Many customers place greater business value on their domestic traffic, whilst the majority of attacks are launched internationally. For these customers, Kasada can run a proof of concept on only the international traffic. This allows you to experience the instantaneous impact of our service and perform the due diligence required ahead of provisioning Kasada for your valuable domestic business.

Stopping attack traffic isn’t the only thing that’s instantaneous on the Kasada platform. Our automatic portal configuration gives customers the peace of mind that they can take action without delay.

Some customers start their Kasada journey with a particular challenge: an account takeover attack; a gift card fraud attack; or a ticket scalping issue. The Kasada platform can be configured to protect specific parts of an application. Typically, when customers experience the instant and dramatic reduction in overall attack traffic, thanks to Kasada, they typically position us as the one-stop-security-shop across all apps.

For customers with heightened sensitivity to particular subsets of customer data, we use features such as AWS’s Field Level Encryption to enhance data protection, without compromising security and performance.


Kasada has been designed as a simple, flexible, invisible shield. When deployed in conjunction with your existing CDN we reduce your infrastructure costs whilst delivering an enhanced security outcome against the most sophisticated attacks.

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