Collaboration Brings Together Leading Internet Noise Detection and Bot Mitigation Companies, Providing Free Access to Real-Time Scanner, Attack and Bot Threat Information

NEW YORK & WASHINGTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Kasada, provider of the most effective and easiest way to defend against advanced persistent bot attacks, today announced a partnership with GreyNoise Intelligence, the leader in internet background noise insight and security analyst efficiency. By teaming up with Kasada, GreyNoise will be able to provide users with an improved understanding of their security environment and more accurate information about which potential threats demand their attention.

Kasada detects malicious automation and bot networks, seeing billions of bot interactions every month. GreyNoise collects, analyzes and labels data about IP addresses that scan the internet and saturate security tools with “noise”. GreyNoise has enriched its IP data with Kasada’s intelligence on persistent bot traffic, allowing users to quickly identify and triage emerging bot activity. This information will be available to security organizations and the public for free here.

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