NEW YORK — Sept. 12, 2023Kasada, the pioneers transcending bot management by countering the human minds behind automated threats, today announced that it has earned the SINET16 Innovator Award, which recognizes the most innovative and compelling solutions addressing pressing cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities. Kasada is one of 16 emerging companies recognized by the highly competitive program that received 195 applications from 13 countries.

Many online businesses are struggling to keep pace with automated fraud and bot attacks. Kasada was purpose-built to defend against modern threats. The platform applies a combination of robust, dynamic, client-side defenses; fast server-side anomaly detection; invisible challenges; and data integrity checks to avoid data tampering and replay attacks. Kasada requires zero management and ensures a frictionless customer experience without CAPTCHA. 

“With a deep understanding of the mindset and methods behind today’s most sophisticated threats, our team has taken a radically different approach to the market,” said Sam Crowther, CEO & founder of Kasada. “Our platform’s defenses provide a significant advantage to our customers because it continually protects against new threats. While other solutions are static, ours is dynamic and unpredictable for adversaries. Our dedication to solving these challenging problems sets Kasada apart.”

“We are proud to play a role in accelerating innovation into a global marketplace by increasing the awareness of value-add companies,” said Robert D. Rodriguez, chairman of SINET. “As always, this year provided for a very competitive landscape. We look forward to watching these companies continue to mature as they progress on their amazing entrepreneurial journeys and their missions to protect the fabric of our nation’s critical infrastructures and national security interests.”

Read the full release here.

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