In the News

In the News

  • Election misinformation concerns are high. Faith in the U.S. election isn’t.

    As we head into the 2024 election season, disinformation will be at all-time high. From deepfakes, to democratized access to bots, Sam Crowther weighs in with Inc. Magazine.

  • Bots May Have Nabbed Thousands of Apple Vision Pro Pre-orders

    Kasada’s threat intelligence team tracked scalper bots securing thousands of pre-orders for the Apple Vision Pro and listing them for sale on 3rd party sites.

  • Thousands of Australians hacked in ‘credential stuffing’ scam

    Credential stuffing groups monitored by Kasada have begun taking aim at many of Australia’s largest retailers. Sam Crowther shares the insights into the attacks with Sydney Morning Herald.

  • Australian Retailers Hit by New Wave of Credential Stuffing

    A primarily US-focused credential stuffing operation, which was being monitored by Kasada, shifted its focus to Australia. Sam Crowther shared insights into how this recent wave of attacks occurred and the motivation behind them.

  • Kasada Embraces Machine Learning to Reduce Bot Traffic

    Kasada’s latest product enhancements adds hundreds of sensors and machine learning to keep enterprises protected from evolving adversarial tactics.

  • What’s new for ransomware in 2024?

    Digital fraud and abuse will skyrocket as bots become more sophisticated and easier to leverage in 2024.

  • 3 Ways to Use Real-Time Intelligence to Defeat Bots

    Threat intelligence feedback loops are an increasingly vital tool in the escalating battle against bots.

  • Kasada Unleashes the Evolution of its Bot Defense Platform

    Always-evolving protection and tamper-proof data collection fortify defenses against modern adversaries.

  • The Definitive Guide to Artificial Intelligence Predictions for 2024

    2024 will be the year attackers increase their use of AI, leveraging its adaptive nature to quickly and easily create bypasses to defenses at scale.

  • Sam Crowther: Forbes 30 Under 30

    Forbes names Kasada's Founder Sam Crowther on its 2024 30 Under 30 list

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