In the News

In the News

  • Malicious Automation Is Driving API Security Breaches

    Malicious automation is fueling the growing risk in API security. Kasada Founder analyzes why bots are being used to attack APIs.

  • The Dangerous Role Personal Email Plays in Account Takeovers

    Kasada Field CTO examines the role emails play during account takeover attacks and how companies and individuals can protect themselves.

  • How Taylor Swift Concert Made Us Compete Against Bots

    Sold out Taylor Swift tickets is just the being of the widespread bot problem that business need to prepare for.

  • The Way to Stop API Breaches: Reevaluate Cybersecurity Stack

    APIs have become the leading attack vector. See how bots are being used to target APIs at scale and what companies can do to stop attackers.

  • Scalper Bots Become a Gateway to Illegal Fraud

    Kasada Founder discusses how scalper bots, used to secure in demand items will be repurposed for more nefarious purposes in 2023.

  • Can Housewares Cash In on the Booming Gift Card Marketplace?

    Kasada discusses the fraud challenges that come with the increasing of gift cards being given during the holiday season.

  • How to Protect Yourself From Bot-driven Account Fraud

    Kasada Field CTO shares ways individuals can prevent successful bot attacks without relying on an organization’s anti-bot solution.

  • 2023: Ring in Retail Profits by Stopping Automated Threats

    Learn how retailers can navigate shrinking margins, economic uncertainty, and growing cyber threats in order to protect profits in 2023.

  • 2022 Holiday Bad Bot Research

    The four major cybersecurity threats this holiday shopping season: gift card fraud, fake account creation, Freebie Bots, and scraping attacks.

  • Meta’s Data Scraping: Against the Rules Yet Impossible to Stop?

    Anti scraping policies aren't enough, stopping the automation used to scrape content is the most effective way to stop the attacks.

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