Kasada, the best Next-Gen CAPTCHA alternative

Modern bots easily bypass CAPTCHAs. Kasada was architectured differently, using only invisible challenges to provide superior protection and a frictionless user experience.

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Next-gen CAPTCHAs can’t stop modern bots. Adversaries purchase bypass services like CapSolver, leverage AI, or use click farms. Deploying CAPTCHAs gives bots an easy way through defenses.

Kasada’s defenses are built differently. Utilizing hundreds of sophisticated sensors and invisible challenges, Kasada detects and blocks bots without having to let them access your infrastructure.

Bots can solve CAPTCHAs 6x faster than humans. Difficult-to-solve puzzles only frustrate real customers and drive up transaction abandonment. 

Rather than putting the responsibility on humans to identify themselves, Kasada’s challenges are invisible, giving real users a seamless experience.

Relying on CAPTCHAs means you are only protected where a human can interact with the puzzle. Leaving traffic from APIs, smart televisions, and other connected devices open for attack.

Kasada’s defenses don’t require any human interaction, allowing you to easily protect all endpoints.

Stop managing your anti-bot solution. Kasada reduces TCO by more than 70% when compared to next-gen CAPTCHA solutions.

Kasada takes ownership of our solution, placing the accountability of stopping bots on us. Rather than giving you a tool, we work as your partner. There’s no need to manage the solution on your own or pay for Professional Services.

Kasada’s embedded support team works as an extension of your team.

Our always-on support team is available 24/7/365 in the channels you work in; Slack, Teams, email, or any other channel your team is already using.

Giving you peace of mind knowing that our experts are only one message away.


Bots solve CAPTCHAs six times faster than humans.


of our customers came to Kasada because next-gen CAPTCHAs failed to stop their bot problem.


Bots accuracy when solving CAPTCHAs.

Bypasses to major CAPTCHA providers are sold for less than $2 per 1000 solves

Want to see how adversaries are fooling next-gen CAPTCHAs?

Collage showing CAPTCHA bypasses for sale.

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“Companies that pride themselves on customer experience have to be looking for the best technical solutions on the market—and that is what we found in Kasada.”

Benjamin Weiss

Director, Product Management, In-Stay Portfolio and World of Hyatt App, Hyatt

“Traditional bot mitigation products and strategies are not up to the task. Kasada provided a solution without draining engineering and development resources or burdening the end user.”

Craig Templeton

CISO & GM, Group Technology Platforms, REA Group

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Ready to join the other great brands already made the switch


Threats constantly evolve. Your protection should, too.