Elegantly simple. Superiorly effective.

A better approach to bot mitigation for online businesses.
The simplest and most effective way to defend against increasingly sophisticated, bot attacks. A complete solution for preserving your online traffic integrity.

Easily mitigate unwanted bot activity across all web, mobile app, and API channels


Reduce infrastructure costs associated with automated malicious bot traffic


Gain accurate web analytics understand customers, and see good bots and bad bots


Improving on its predecessors, the Kasada architecture overcomes both the financial and technical issues that make automated attacks so difficult to defend against.

Web, Mobile, and API

Kasada Cloud

Origin server

Integrates easily with any CDN and DNS provider, with time to value in 30 minutes.

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Core Technologies

Kasada provides continuous bot mitigation, stopping attacks from the very first request.
There’s no reliance on short-lived, rules-based circumstantial evidence to operate.

Client interrogation

Incoming clients are inspected for signs of automation using a very low friction process without CAPTCHAs that is invisible to normal users with a false positive rate of less than 0.001%. World-class obfuscation enables long-term efficacy.

Client sensors

Advanced attributes from the client environment that are strong indicators of automation.


Kasada’s client sensors generate an array of data that is collected from the client interrogation process.


The backend telemetry processing that decides if the client is human or automation.

When bots imitating human users interact with your application, they leave certain traces of themselves within the client environment. Kasada’s invisible client interrogation process detects the presence of such traces and uses the telemetry in our decision engine to detect and stop attacks.

Cryptographic challenge

Makes automated attacks financially unviable and painfully slow by hitting the attackers where it hurts – their wallets

Without informing the attacker, clients must solve an increasingly difficult cryptographic challenge as a proof of work. This results in expensive CPU work for bots and exhausts their compute resources.

Threat Intelligence

Kasada’s Threat Research and Security Engineering teams conduct deep analysis of adversarial techniques and traffic patterns.

Our comprehensive understanding of automation toolkits allows us to build sophisticated data analysis models to enhance the protection of our customers.

Kasada Portal

Onboarding is fast and simple. View dashboards for insight into bad bot, good bot, and human traffic.
Dive deep into analysis and reporting for threat intelligence.

Kasada Cloud

Kasada protects online businesses from automated attacks. It’s available as a subscription service with these features
  • Bot detection and mitigation for web, mobile, and APIs
  • Fault tolerant infrastructure designed for high availability
  • Seamlessly scales on-demand with your online businesses
  • 24/7 support from a high-performing team that values your feedback
  • Ongoing product enhancements to help stay ahead of adversaries
  • Access and insight within an easy-to-use portal

Getting Started

1. Create your deployment (15 min)

  • We provision your account and infrastructure
  • We send you a user invitation to create an admin user

2. Onboard your site (10 min)

  • Enter the Domain and Origin of the websites you want to protect
  • This includes integration with your existing CDNs

3. Observe your traffic (immediate)

  • Get an overview of your traffic
  • Analyze and understand your top targets

4. Protect your site (immediate)

  • Block bad bot requests
  • Control this on a domain and path basis via simple access-control-list.

Elegantly Simple & Superiorly Effective.

Better bot mitigation.

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