Flip the Script on Bots

Bot defense resilient to zero-day threats and retooling attempts.

Flip the Script on Bots

Bot defense resilient to zero-day
threats and retooling attempts.
Our zero-trust philosophy detects and stops malicious automation from the first request before it can do damage. Including bots never seen before.
Bots Have Evolved

DevTools, plugins and anti-detect browsers mimic human behavior to automate fraud and extract data from APIs.

Most Systems Can’t Keep Up

Legacy bot mitigation lets requests in to look for suspicious activity that fly beneath the radar. It’s already too late.

A Better Approach

Designed to stop even the most advanced persistent bots with precision before it’s ever allowed to enter your infrastructure.


Winning the war on bots requires understanding your adversary.
Kasada’s future proof bot defense stays a step ahead of evolving automated threats.

Kasada Cloud

Easily integrate with any CDN and DNS provider, achieve time to value in under 30 minutes.

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Core Technologies

Threats adapt in seconds. Bot mitigation must do the same.
There are no heuristics to learn, no rules to manage, and no risk scores to assign.

Client Interrogation

Whenever bots interact with your application, they leave immutable traces within the client environment.

Kasada inspects all incoming requests for automation with a process that’s invisible to humans. Kasada’s interrogation is obfuscated with its own polymorphic method to deter reverse engineering attempts.

Client sensors

Advanced attributes are collected from the client looking for strong indicators of automation including use of headless browsers and automation frameworks such as Puppeteer and Playwright. All communications to and from Kasada are encrypted.


An array of sensor data generated from client interrogation is collected and used to make decisions for each request while adding to our threat intelligence.


Telemetry is processed to accurately determine if the client request is from a human, good bot or bad bot without needing CAPTCHAs to validate. Decisions are made on the first request, without ever letting requests into your infrastructure, including those from new bots never seen before.

Mitigative Actions

These responsive actions are designed to make bot attacks too expensive to conduct at-scale, while deceiving bot operators with a customizable set of mitigative responses including resource consumption, fake responses, alternative origin redirection and request metering.

Cryptographic challenge

Clients must solve an increasingly difficult asymmetric cryptographic challenge as a proof of work. This results in expensive CPU work for bots and exhausts their compute resources, without the adversary knowing.

Cryptographic Challenge

Threat Intelligence

Kasada’s Threat Research and Security Engineering teams conduct deep analysis of adversarial techniques and traffic patterns by analyzing all client request and sensor data. Our comprehensive understanding of bot operator tactics and automation toolkits allows us to build sophisticated data models for multiple layers of defense.

Dynamic script injection

Learnings from our data are added to the client inspection process in real-time without the need for code upgrades. This allows for instant defense updates and continuous feedback without letting malicious requests into your infrastructure.

Kasada Portal

Kasada provides actionable insights into all bad bot, good bot and human traffic.
Export data into your observability platforms with ease.
Kasada Bot Mitigation Portal

Kasada Cloud

Kasada’s subscription-based service protects online businesses from automated attacks.
  • Bot detection and mitigation for web, mobile, and APIs
  • Fault tolerant infrastructure designed for high availability
  • Seamlessly scales on-demand with your online businesses
  • 24/7 support from a high-performing team that values your feedback
  • Ongoing product enhancements to help stay ahead of adversaries
  • Access and insight within an easy-to-use portal

Getting Started

Onboarding is fast and simple.
Stop advanced persistent bots in less than 30 minutes.

1. Create your deployment (15 min)

  • We provision your account and infrastructure
  • We send you a user invitation to create an admin user

2. Onboard your site (10 min)

  • Enter the Domain and Origin to protect
  • This includes integration with your existing CDNs

3. Observe your traffic (immediate)

  • Get an overview of your traffic
  • Analyze and understand your top targets

4. Protect your site (immediate)

  • Block bad bot requests
  • Control this on a domain and path basis via simple access-control-list

Stop Bad Bots… for Good

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