The Aftermath of Automated Attacks

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Online fraud
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Lost revenue
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Site crashes and slow page speeds
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Stolen and fake accounts
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Unhappy users/customers
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Inflated infrastructure and verification costs

Let us take the fight to bots for you

When you can see through automated threats, you understand how to beat them – saving you time, money, and resources.

  • 30-minutes to deploy

  • Quick to evolve & difficult to evade

  • Invisible to customers & easy to use

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of our customers were using other bot mitigation providers prior to contacting us.
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0 Billion
in eCommerce revenue protected against malicious bots.
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0 Billion
bots every month are bypassed by other systems before Kasada stops them

Brands make the switch to Kasada — and stay


85% of our current customers previously worked with a bot management vendor that didn’t work for them.

“Almost all types of fraud hitting our websites use bots today. Our revenue was at risk, our website performance and customer experience were getting hit, and our IT costs were increasing as we were trying to keep up with the malicious traffic.”

Regan MacDonald


“Companies that pride themselves on customer experience have to be looking for the best technical solutions on the market-and that is what we found in Kasada.”

Benjamin Weiss



Ready to see what threats lurk beneath the surface?