With the new reality, delivering a great online experience has never been more challenging. The world has pivoted to a work from home, online ordering, locked down community. Businesses are under immense pressure to perform the ultimate digital transformation in the shortest time possible. We are an online only world and web applications across the globe have strained under the pressure.

Even as lock downs begin to ease, it’s likely that online will still dominate as people seek to reduce social contact where they can.

The Triple Threat

  1. Is your web infrastructure ready?

Web applications across the world are groaning under the pressure of a global population in lockdown. Backend processes that underpin the online offerings are also under extensive strain. Similarly, government websites, providing essential services and critical information to citizens have been overwhelmed by unprecedented demand and cyberattacks.

As for retail organizations, they’ve been forced to pivot to 100% online, and needed to rapidly scale their ability to fulfill a massive increase in orders. Scalable infrastructure, throughput and backend capacity have become precious resources. As a result, competitive and market surveillance has increased as the fight for price leadership becomes increasingly important (we covered price dominance in more detail in our last blog post: Experiments Into The E-commerce Pricing Dominance.

2.   The Last Mile: Networks Are Overwhelmed  

Telco and mobile networks are under enormous pressure as the world’s working population pivots to a work from home workforce, online learning for children and a deeper love for streaming services and online gaming. Web traffic has seen an increase of more than 70% which places an even greater strain on a user’s browsing experience.

3.   Fraud Is Up

Fraudsters are in lockdown too, and they have more time on their hands, a dangerous combination! The great news for fraudsters, whilst their activities are not considered an ‘essential service’, they don’t need to leave their house to be productive.

Being a fraudster is not a binary existence. Many fraudsters have day jobs, careers, life goals. The impact on the broader economy has the potential to increase the time and motivation for part-time fraudsters. They also tend to be opportunistic. Any sign of increased traffic to a website provides the cover they require to slip under the radar. As such, for websites in high demand, there is a greater risk of fraudulent activity.

All this leads to subpar consumer experience. Businesses that respond quickly and effectively will prosper.

What Businesses Can Do to Prosper in This New Reality

Your CDN isn’t going to solve your backend scalability problem. The value proposition of a highly scalable, cloud platform such as AWS has never been clearer. But it’s never as easy as flicking a switch to activate more capacity.

Many businesses are looking to shorter term solutions like virtual waiting room technology, which helps prevent humans overloading application pinch points. As a survival mechanism, this makes sense. Your customers will hate it but at least they can place their order.

You’ve probably been turning a blind eye to the synthetic traffic that has been consuming up to 40% of your resources for years. When your websites are groaning under the pressure of humans that want to spend money, that 40% capacity has heightened value!

Did you know that your competitors are hiding within that subset of unknown synthetic traffic? They’re keeping an eye on your pricing strategy, monitoring your inventory or extracting valuable data from your business. Removing all this traffic preserves your infrastructure for revenue generating users. It also reduces your costs.

In 2020, reducing costs is the new black.

We got this
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