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  • A Kasadian’s Transition Back From Parental Leave

    As anyone who has done it will tell you, returning to work as a first-time parent can be incredibly challenging on so many levels.

  • 5 Romance Fraud Schemes From Bot Account Generation

    This Valentine’s Day, bot operators don’t have love on the brain, just money on their minds. How romance schemes plague dating platforms.

  • 3 Cybersecurity Predictions for 2023 [Backed By Data]

    We predict bots will continue to drive headlines, unveil innovative avenues to commit fraud, influence public opinion, and shape the economy.

  • How Bots Impacted 2022 Holiday Sales

    The holiday sales data is in! Bad bot activity ramped up around the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales events.

  • 4 Types of Web Scraping & Why They’re So Difficult to Stop

    Web scraping is so profitable that questionable businesses dedicated to it are essentially selling Scraping as-a-Service.

  • Why I Joined Kasada: Redefining Application Security

    Automated threats to websites, mobile apps, and APIs aren’t new at all, but Kasada is fighting them in a new way.

  • Top Holiday Retail Threats: What to Watch out for in 2022

    Bots pose a serious threat to customer satisfaction, data privacy, web performance, and revenue during holiday season.

  • The Truth About Your Bot Detection’s Threat Intelligence

    The traditional data used to differentiate between humans and bots can no longer be trusted. Bots are evolving quickly.

  • Bots Breaking Bad: Stolen Pharmacy Accounts Up for Sale

    Accounts stolen by bots provide access to prescriptions, which are then resold illegally on a secondary marketplace for profit.

  • My Breaking Point: Recreating AppSec & Created Kasada

    From a young age, I've been really good at breaking things. That's why I designed a bot defense solution actually useful for online businesses.

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