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  • Europcar: Behind the Fake Data Breach

    See how cybercriminals faked customer data in this alleged data breach, which underscores the growing challenge of distinguishing fact from fiction online.

  • Are Bots Behind the Apple Vision Pro Pre-Order Sell Out?

    Kasada has observed scalpers using bots to successfully pre-order thousands of the Apple Vision Pro 256GB.

  • Joining My 5th Bot Mitigation Company – Why Kasada

    Industry veteran, Arif Husain, joined Kasada as a Technical Director of Security Solutions after realizing Kasada was solving the bot problem in a "particularly exceptional way."

  • The New Mandate for Bot Detection – Ensuring Data Authenticity

    Can the data collected by an anti-bot system be trusted? Kasada's latest platform enhancements include securing the authenticity of web traffic data.

  • 2023 Cyber Five Holiday Bot Activity

    Uncover intriguing insights into the bad bot activity during and leading up to Cyber Week holiday sales, including Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

  • Launching KasadaIQ – A New Attack Prediction Service

    KasadaIQ was born from the desire to share our bot intelligence to predict and prevent online fraud for any company - even if they are not a customer of Kasada.

  • Unveiling Kasada’s Employee Value Proposition (EVP)

    Through the process of creating our EVP statement, we uncovered what truly makes Kasada a unique and rewarding place to work.

  • 5 Bot-Driven Threats to Watch Leading Up to 2023 Holiday Sales

    As the holiday season approaches, brace yourselves for a sleigh-full of automated threats as shown by historical data.

  • Are Bots Behind the Booming iPhone 15 Pre-Orders?

    Kasada has observed adversaries using various bots to successfully place thousands of iPhone 15 pre-orders, including the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

  • My Journey ‘Working From Anywhere’ at Kasada

    Kasada's 'work from anywhere' policy gave me the personal autonomy and flexibility I needed when it mattered most.

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