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  • Paid Subscriptions to Stop Bots: Is Elon Musk Right?

    Subscription-based services aren't the silver bullet to stopping bot attacks - with the right motivation, these accounts are just as likely to be botted.

  • The Bot Mitigation Game Has Changed, Again

    As the battle between bot creators and defenders rages on, the ability to consistently collect untampered data becomes a pivotal factor in the effectiveness of bot mitigation.

  • Did You Just Try to Login? Why Account Takeover Is Still on the Rise

    Account takeover attacks remain remarkably successful, mainly due to their reliance on inexpensive automation and credential stuffing tools.

  • No Honour Amongst Thieves: Unpacking a New OpenBullet Malware Campaign

    An investigation into a new OpenBullet malware campaign used to exploit trusted criminal networks.

  • SMS Fraud Takes A Toll: The Evolving Threat of SMS Pumping and Toll Fraud

    After a crack down on SMS fraud, adversaries have shifted their approach.

  • A Frictionless – And Secure – CAPTCHA Alternative

    A new approach to bot detection and mitigation completely eliminates the need for silly, time-consuming CAPTCHAs.

  • Shining a Light on Our New Brand

    Our new brand is bold and unique. Just like the approach Kasada takes to stopping automated threats.

  • Freebie Bots: The Latest Threat to Retailers

    Steep discounts drove Cyber Monday online sales to hit record highs, but some discounts were created by mistake.

  • Solver Services: How Fraudsters Bypass Bot Protection

    Enterprising actors in the underground bot economy are creating and selling APIs that “solve” or bypass specific bot management technologies.

  • A Kasadian’s Transition Back From Parental Leave

    As anyone who has done it will tell you, returning to work as a first-time parent can be incredibly challenging on so many levels.

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