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  • Top Holiday Retail Threats: What to Watch out for in 2022

    Bots pose a serious threat to customer satisfaction, data privacy, web performance, and revenue during holiday season.

  • The Truth About Your Bot Detection’s Threat Intelligence

    The traditional data used to differentiate between humans and bots can no longer be trusted. Bots are evolving quickly.

  • Bots Breaking Bad: Stolen Pharmacy Accounts Up for Sale

    Accounts stolen by bots provide access to prescriptions, which are then resold illegally on a secondary marketplace for profit.

  • My Breaking Point: Recreating AppSec & Created Kasada

    From a young age, I've been really good at breaking things. That's why I designed a bot defense solution actually useful for online businesses.

  • Spring4Shell Zero-Day Vulnerability: Why Wait on WAF

    A newly disclosed remote code execution vulnerability in Spring Core, a widely used Java framework, has been identified.

  • Buy Now Pay Later Fraud: Stop Attacks & Reduce Friction

    Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) is still relatively new, but accounted for 2.1% of all global e-commerce transactions in 2021 - nearly $97 billion.

  • Detect Automated Vulnerability Scanners: Log4j Case Study

    It is estimated hackers launched more than 1.2 million attacks against companies in an attempt to exploit Log4j.

  • Valentine’s Day 2022 – Kiss Bad Bots Goodbye

    Bad bots take aim at Valentine's Day gifts, from scraping to gift card fraud. Bot attacks threaten a company’s sales and their customer’s experience.

  • Privacy vs. Security: Is Your Bot Mitigation Solution Effective?

    Bot mitigation providers place significant emphasis on stopping bots with the highest degree of accuracy.

  • Cyber Five 2021: Kasada’s Bad Bot eCommerce Holiday Insights

    Kasada’s Threat Intelligence Team has prepared key insights observed within Kasada’s eCommerce traffic this holiday season.

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