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  • My Breaking Point: Recreating AppSec & Created Kasada

    From a young age, I've been really good at breaking things. That's why I designed a bot defense solution actually useful for online businesses.

  • Spring4Shell Zero-Day Vulnerability: Why Wait on WAF

    A newly disclosed remote code execution vulnerability in Spring Core, a widely used Java framework, has been identified.

  • Buy Now Pay Later Fraud: Stop Attacks & Reduce Friction

    Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) is still relatively new, but accounted for 2.1% of all global e-commerce transactions in 2021 - nearly $97 billion.

  • Detect Automated Vulnerability Scanners: Log4j Case Study

    It is estimated hackers launched more than 1.2 million attacks against companies in an attempt to exploit Log4j.

  • Valentine’s Day 2022 – Kiss Bad Bots Goodbye

    Bad bots take aim at Valentine's Day gifts, from scraping to gift card fraud. Bot attacks threaten a company’s sales and their customer’s experience.

  • Privacy vs. Security: Is Your Bot Mitigation Solution Effective?

    Bot mitigation providers place significant emphasis on stopping bots with the highest degree of accuracy.

  • Cyber Five 2021: Kasada’s Bad Bot eCommerce Holiday Insights

    Kasada’s Threat Intelligence Team has prepared key insights observed within Kasada’s eCommerce traffic this holiday season.

  • Everything Shortage: Bots & eCommerce Holiday Readiness

    Online holiday sales are expected to grow 12% this year – bringing the total retail eCommerce sales in the US to over $200B.

  • WAF Rules? Where We’re Going, We Don’t Need Rules

    Explore the history of CDN based bot detection, and how limitations of its architecture still restrict traditional anti-bot solutions.

  • 7 Key Findings from the 2021 State of Bot Mitigation Survey

    For years there have been reports on bad bots to demonstrate the increasing sophistication and financial impact malicious bots have on businesses.

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