Makes Development and Upkeep of New Solver Services Used to Bypass Bot Detections Time- Consuming and Expensive

NEW YORK — June 3, 2022 Kasada, provider of the most effective and easiest way to defend against advanced bot attacks, today announced platform advancements to address the growing prevalence of automated attacks, including “Solver Services,” which are API-as-a-service tools created to bypass the majority of bot management systems. 

When people successfully reverse engineer (solve) a bot detection system’s defenses, this gives them the tools to trick and bypass the system. It also enables them to commercialize the bypass and sell it as a Solver Service to thousands for a profit. Attackers who purchase Solver Services are armed with the power to successfully conduct automated bot attacks without technical skills. This includes credential stuffing, inventory hoarding, web scraping and web reconnaissance.

Kasada’s enhanced platform disrupts this growing supply chain of Solver Services as well as other innovative ways attackers evade detection. The company’s modern, proactive approach to stopping bots adapts as fast as the attackers working against it. This is in contrast to reactive bot management systems that rely on static and poorly obfuscated defenses.

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