Automated Threats

Bot operators leverage automation to launch attacks
that are easy to conduct and highly profitable at-scale.

Denial of Service (DoS)

Has your site experienced a large spike in unwanted traffic or an outage? Was your inventory depleted unexpectedly? Has referral spam increased?

Infrastructure overload
Floods the bandwidth of your web and mobile apps making them slow or unavailable for legitimate users.

Application DDoS
Exhausts resources by issuing targeted application requests that appear legitimate, such as search queries and other computationally expensive tasks.

Denial of inventory
pletes goods or services by adding to checkout without intention to complete the transaction. Similarly, inventory hoarding purchases and resells in-demand items for a profit.

Content Scraping

Are competitors displaying your products and content immediately after publishing? Are your prices instantly being undercut by competitors? Has your search ranking dropped?

Web scraping
Reads website pages and scrapes valuable assets that gives your competitors an unfair advantage. Having your content published elsewhere lowers your own search ranking.

Price scraping
Lifts prices off of your site or app in order to undermine your competitiveness and results in lost business.

API scraping
Extracts conveniently structured data from APIs that power your mobile apps if left unprotected.

Account Takeover

Have you experienced a high number of failed login or password reset requests on your site? Is your customer support experiencing high volumes of fraudulent claims?

Credential stuffing
Injects breached or stolen usernames and passwords to gain access to user accounts and commit fraud. Or attempts to guess credentials in order to gain access.

Account creation
Creates new accounts for misuse such spreading disinformation and aging accounts in-advance of conducting fraud.

Carding and cracking
Drains breached accounts of stored value including credit cards, gift cards and loyalty points. Cracking guesses numeric values in attempt to obtain assets.

System Takeover

Have you noticed unusual website behavior scanning your site for code weaknesses that can expose you to attacks? Is there a high number of failed logins on your site?

Vulnerability scanning
Scans applications to identify weaknesses and possible vulnerabilities to exploit such as SQLi. Successful entry into systems leads to data theft and other acts of fraud.

OWASP Top-10
Many of the top web application security risks such as injection, broken authentication & access control, and known vulnerabilities are left exposed by a WAF’s inability to accurately detect the presence of automation.

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