Inspired by the Cause, Driven by the Challenge: Uncovering the Culture behind Kasada’s Limitless Impact

Several months ago, we embarked on a project to uncover and define our Employee Value Proposition (EVP). We knew Kasada’s culture was something unique and wanted to share it with the world. We invited over 40 Kasadians to share their views on what it meant to them to work at Kasada through workshops and 1:1 interviews. They spanned across teams, levels, and tenure.

For us, our EVP is not just a statement, it is grounded in real insights and experiences shared by our Kasadians. We strongly believe in the power of authenticity and collaboration, and that is why our pillars – Talented People, Personal Autonomy, Challenging Work, and Limitless Impact – have been carefully crafted based on the lived experiences of our employees. These pillars are not created in a vacuum by the People and Culture team; they are the result of research, workshops, conversations, and observations within our organization. We understand that unlocking the full potential of our exceptionally talented team is key to driving innovation and achieving our mission of protecting millions of people online.

Here we share our statement and a little more about our pillars;

Kasada’s EVP statement;  

 Inspired by the cause, driven by the challenge.  

Ask a Kasadian why we’re here and they’ll tell you: the challenge. Every day we have the privilege of protecting millions of people online. Every new threat demands our team’s creativity, collaboration, and care. 

It’s inspiring to push the edge of innovation — it’s inspiring to do so with people who draw out the best in each other. Wherever we are, however, we choose to work, we trust each other to step up. Inspired by the cause, driven by the challenge.  

Our Pillars:

The pillars of our EVP are founded on genuine experiences and stories shared by Kasadians at all levels. Our product processes up to a billion requests every day, impossible without the exceptional work of our people. We believe that empowering our team to work in a way that best suits their lives and doing challenging yet rewarding work are key drivers to a successful and fulfilled employee experience. 

These beliefs are at the heart of our EVP, where authenticity, collaboration, and trust form the foundation of our commitment to every Kasadian.

  1. Talented People

At Kasada, we take immense pride in our mosaic of talented individuals. Each team member brings their unique skills and experiences to the table, creating balance that drives our collective success. Our Kasadians are known for their humility and intelligence, creating an environment that fosters appreciation for every person’s contribution. We value authenticity, integrity, and the power of collaboration, as we firmly believe that the journey to success is best traveled together.

  1. Personal Autonomy

We trust and empower our team members to determine their own approach to delivering exceptional work. Gone are the rigid job descriptions and the clock-in, clock-out mentality. At Kasada, we foster an environment of mutual trust and respect, allowing our Kasadians the freedom to create their own schedules and deliver outcomes in a way that aligns with their overall lives. We understand that personal autonomy drives creativity, productivity, and ultimately, our overall performance.

  1. Challenging Work

Thriving in a constantly evolving problem space is at the heart of what we do. Every day, we dig deep to address the root causes behind cyber threats, allowing us to go beyond surface-level symptoms. By studying the human minds behind attacks, we can creatively reshape our industry, setting new standards that few can rival. The complexity of our work mirrors the infinite growth potential within ourselves, spurring us to push boundaries and drive innovation that sets us apart.

  1. Limitless Impact

At Kasada, we believe in the limitless impact that our employees can have, both individually and collectively. Our platform processes up to a billion requests per day, extending our reach and impact with every passing moment. As a Kasadian, you have the opportunity to shape your own role, leveraging your strengths, collaborating across teams, and continually learning. By doing so, you contribute to the greater good, making a tangible difference in protecting individuals and organizations from online threats.

We understand that the true strength of our organization lies in the passion and dedication of our people. We can proudly say that our exceptional team is the driving force behind our success. 

Our pillars are what make us stand out in the fast-paced and ever-changing cybersecurity landscape. Kasada’s employee value proposition is not just a statement, but a living representation of how we work and thrive. We are Inspired by the cause and driven by the challenge!

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